What we do

Kyle Evans Design is a full service design consultancy. Our expertise in not only automotive, but also in industrial and interior design, gives us a wide range of capabilities. We have created everything from a custom car to a custom restaurant. Our knowledge in the automotive industry and access to everything Detroit allows us to think differently and apply some otherwise unused local techniques across the board. 

We are not architects, naval architects, engineers, or mechanics - nor are we authors, CPA’s, doctors, or lab technicians. We can, however, assist by working with with any of these on a per project basis

We are based out of Detroit, working in a turn of the century Firehouse in Corktown. The location provides us not only with a space for creativity and client interaction, but also with an exposure to the ever expanding landscape of Detroit. It is important for us to be a part of what Detroit has to offer. 


CCS Alumni Video

Hour Detroit magazine coverage of the house on 4th street Royal Oak, MI