The original Chetonka property was used from the early 1900's until the 1930's as a single room schoolhouse by the local Native American tribe. A farmer had purchased the property along with the surrounding 200 acres and lakefront when the house was repurposed as a hunting lodge. By 1995, the property had been split into multiple parcels when it was repurposed again as an up north weekend escape. Since then, the original house has been expanded and an additional house was built in the same style; each house over time have adopted details from the other ensuring a cohesive and appropriate aesthetic for the entirety of the property.

Chetonka has been featured in Northern Home & Cottage (2003, 2015) and Traverse magazine as well as The Fresh Exchange blog, it has also been host to many pop-up dinners, some celebrities, and countless friends of the family.

The Fresh Exchange Home Tour:

Images courtesy of The Fresh Exchange, 2015